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Christmas Markets Along the Danube River: Budapest to Nuremberg

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  • Nov 30, 2018 - Dec 09, 2018


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Christmas Markets Along the Danube River: Budapest to Nuremberg

In winter’s past, Europeans gathered in town squares to buy and sell spices, sweets, and other special items for the holidays. These were the first Christmas Markets, and centuries later they continue to bring the magic of the season alive.  Spend a night in Budapest before embarking the elegant AmaLea for a festive journey along the Danube River. In Regensburg, Salzburg, and Vienna, discover dramatic architecture and delight in the spirit of the age-old Christmas Markets. Disembark in Nuremberg, home to one of the world’s largest holiday markets, where the city’s famous gingerbread is just one of many treats to enjoy.

Frequent study leader and historian, John Meffert is a long-time proponent of preservation. As former director of the National Trust’s Southern Office, John now serves as a consultant on heritage conservation services in his hometown of Charleston, South Carolina, where he has also served as the director of the Preservation Society of Charleston preserving the historic resources of the city.

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