Discover the Galapagos Islands a Family Adventure

Discover the Galapagos Islands a Family Adventure



Bring your family on this incredible adventure to experience the Galápagos Islands. Home to the rare exotic birds, plants and wildlife that inspired Darwin, this “living laboratory of evolution” and UNESCO World Heritage Site continues to offer the excitement of original discovery to explorers of all ages.

A team of multilingual onboard Ecuadorian expert naturalists will share their in-depth insight and knowledge about the Galápagos’ distinctive ecosystem during daily excursions and natural history lectures. The ship provides a glass-bottom boat to observe marine life, Zodiacs for island landings and excursions, complimentary snorkeling equipment and a nighttime stargazing program.


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Group Travel Tour, International Ocean & Sea Voyages
Departure Dates
Jul 25, 2019 - Aug 2, 2019


  • Barbara Horlbeck

    Barbara Horlbeck

    Barbara Horlbeck is an adjunct instructor of art history, an independent researcher, lecturer, and writer. She developed and teaches innovative virtual and face-to-face college-level art history courses, including Arts of the Medieval World, Renaissance and Baroque Arts, Ancient Arts, and Arts of Asia. Founder of Arts and Influences, she gives lectures and seminars on a wide range of art historical and cultural topics including. She has been a docent at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for fifteen years, where she leads tours for educators and specialists as well as the general public. She has traveled in more than thirty countries, including five continents and the North Pole, throughout Europe, and from Iran to India and Russia to Pakistan and China.




  • day 1

    Thursday, July 25. Depart the U.S. / Guayaquil, Ecuador

    Arrive in Guayaquil, once a favored haven for 17th- and 18th‑century English and Dutch buccaneers, and check into the Hilton Colón Hotel.

  • day 2

    Friday, July 26. Guayaquil / Galápagos Islands

    Fly to the small island of Baltra and embark the Santa Cruz II in time for lunch. Attend an orientation for all explorers by the ship’s English‑speaking Ecuadorian naturalists as you cruise toward Mosquera Islet. Young Explorers will learn about the exciting week ahead, filled with adventure, many activities and the natural wonders found only in the Galápagos. In small groups, make a wet landing by Zodiac and wade to shore along a shallow reef as your naturalist guide takes you to the edge of sea lion colonies. Attend the Captain’s Welcome Reception on board the ship this evening. (b,l,r,d)


  • day 3

    Saturday, July 27. San Cristóbal Island.

    In the midst of an abundant deciduous forest on San Cristóbal Island, watch giant tortoises up-close in their natural habitat during a visit to the conservation and breeding center. Keep an eye out for dozens of bird species and two endemic species, the San Cristóbal mockingbird and the lava lizard! This afternoon, explore Punta Pitt and hear sea lions’ welcoming barks as you venture to the only site in the Galápagos Islands where the three species of boobies nest in one area—the blue‑footed, red‑footed and Nazca.
    Look for two species of frigatebirds, swallow‑tailed gulls and storm petrels as you enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the San Cristóbal shoreline. (b,l,d)

  • day 4

    Sunday, July 28. Santa Fé Island/South Plaza Island

    Prehistoric‑looking land iguanas, colonies of sea lions, pristine white beaches and tree-like prickly pear cacti make Santa Fé Island an essential stop. Enjoy glass‑bottom boat rides, snorkeling, kayaking or swimming in the crystal clear waters of the lagoon. On South Plaza Island, watch yellow and gray land iguanas waiting to feast on sweet pear fruit dropping from the cactus grove among a landscape of crimson succulents. Join your naturalist guides for an evening of stargazing (weather permitting) and hear
    how mariners historically used the stars to navigate and chart their course. (b,l,d)

  • day 5

    Monday, July 29. Santa Cruz Island

    Visit the Charles Darwin Research Station to learn about their mission for giant tortoise conservation. Continue to Santa Cruz’s cool, lush highlands for lunch amid mist‑covered forests. This afternoon, choose from a variety of family activities. Swim in the clear blue waters of secluded Garapatero Beach, a nesting
    area for green turtles and home to lava gulls, pintails, tattlers and whimbrels. Hike or mountain bike through the island’s wilderness trails or walk the sparkling white sandy beaches and search for Sally Lightfoot crabs. Watch brown pelicans diving for fish or explore the lush highlands, home of the giant tortoises. (b,l,d)

  • day 6

    Tuesday, July 30. Española Island

    Visit Punta Suarez on Española Island for a nature walk guided by expert naturalists. Observe waved albatrosses as they use the cliffs as launching pads to take flight. Watch the geyser‑like spray of the famous
    Punta Suarez blowhole and see the island’s red and green marine iguanas up-close. Cruise to Gardner Bay while scanning the skies and shorelines for mockingbirds, yellow warblers and varieties of Darwin’s finches. In Osborn Islet’s turquoise waters, snorkel, kayak or swim and keep an eye out for schools of
    tropical fish, seahorses, sea turtles, sea lions, coral hawkfish and other marine life. (b,l,d)

  • day 7

    Wednesday, July 31. Eden Islet/North Seymour Island

    Visit Eden Islet off the coast of Santa Cruz Island to look for more incredible Galápagos wildlife. From a Zodiac, watch as blue‑footed boobies dive into the lagoon, frigatebirds flit about and reef sharks glide
    smoothly along the ocean floor. Enjoy a walk through the natural wonders of North Seymour Island, with family time to observe blue‑footed boobies, frigatebirds, marine iguanas, sea lions and swallow‑tailed gulls. Attend the Captain’s Farewell Reception this evening. (b,l,r,d)

  • day 8

    Thursday, August 1. Baltra/Guayaquil, Ecuador

    Disembark in Baltra and fly to Guayaquil. Enjoy a day room in the Hilton Colón Hotel. Depart late this evening for the U.S., or continue on the Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley Post‑Program Option. (b)


  • day 9

    Friday, August 2. U.S.

    Arrive in the U.S.

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