Splendors of Siberia & Mongolia by Luxury Rail: Ulaanbaatar to Moscow Aboard the Golden Eagle

Splendors of Siberia & Mongolia by Luxury Rail: Ulaanbaatar to Moscow Aboard the Golden Eagle



Mongolia, once the center of Genghis Khan’s enormous empire, is a country of beautiful landscapes and nomadic people. On this fascinating exploration of Mongolia and Siberia, begin in Ulaanbaatar at the colorful Naadam Festival, to see spectacular demonstrations of performing arts and the traditional sports of archery, wrestling, and horseback riding. Next, board the Golden Eagle luxury train to cross vast green steppes dotted with grazing livestock and white nomadic gers (yurts). Visit immense Lake Baikal, see a village where residents still practice Russian Orthodox Christianity as they did in the 17th century; and discover the border where Asian and Russian cultures converge. Finish in Moscow with a private viewing of the treasures of the tsars and a tour of the opulent stations of the Moscow Metro, known as “the people’s palaces.”

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Group Travel Tour, International Land & Rail Voyages
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Jul 9, 2020 - Jul 22, 2020


Sibera Mongolia train map


  • day 1

    Thursday, July 9 DEPARTURE

    Depart on an overnight flight to Ulaanbaatar.

  • day 2


    Upon arrival at Ulaanbaatar Airport, you will be met for transfer to your hotel for a three-night stay. Meet your fellow travelers this evening at a welcome dinner. D

  • day 3

    Saturday, July 11 NAADAM FESTIVAL

    Be among the few non-Mongolians to experience the spectacular, but little known, Naadam Festival. Once a religious ceremony, the festival now formally commemorates Mongolian independence. Today observe the elaborate opening ceremony, featuring local dancers, athletes, horse riders, and musicians. Later, travel outside the city to see the fascinating national horse race, in which all riders are children between five and twelve, from prime seating in the finish line stand. B,L,D

  • day 4

    Sunday, July 12 NAADAM FESTIVAL

    On the second day of the festival, attend the archery, wrestling, and ankle-bone shooting events. B,L,D

  • day 5

    Monday, July 13 ULAANBAATAR

    We begin our city tour at Gandan Monastery, one of the most important in Mongolia, with a community of over 500 Buddhist monks. Next visit the central monument to Genghis Khan at Chiggis Square, the National Museum, and the Bogd Khan Winter Palace Museum. Conclude in Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, where we enjoy the beautiful scenery of wild Mongolia, visit a traditional ger (yurt), meet a nomadic family, and have an opportunity to try our hand at horseback riding. We will also enjoy a performance of traditional Mongolian throat singing and contortionists before boarding the Golden Eagle. B,L,D

  • day 6

    Tuesday, July 14 ULAN UDE

    With its population of Russians, Buryats, Ukrainians, and Tatars, Ulan-Ude, the capital of the Buryat Republic, is a city of extraordinary ethnic and cultural diversity. Explore the city and visit the Old Believers’ Village, where residents still practice 17th-century Russian Orthodox Christianity. At the village, enjoy a performance featuring local traditions and folk singing. B,L,D

  • day 7

    Wednesday, July 15 LAKE BAIKAL

    Our ride aboard the Golden Eagle today winds through tunnels and hugs massive cliffs, revealing a vista of snow-capped peaks. Our stop at spectacular Lake Baikal, which holds 20 percent of the world’s fresh water and is the deepest lake in the world, reveals stunning beauty and grandeur. Also known as “the Pearl of Siberia,” this lake is home to a unique breed of freshwater seal and over 50 species of fish. Opt to swim in the bracing waters of Baikal before traveling by boat to Listvyanka, a small settlement nestled at the base of the surrounding hills. Visit the Lake Baikal Museum and Aquarium to learn about the flora and fauna of the lake. End the day with a delicious barbecue, including freshly smoked omul fish, along the lake’s shore. B,L,D

  • day 8

    Thursday, July 16 IRKUTSK, RUSSIA

    In Irkutsk, “the Paris of Siberia,” take in in the most significant sites and museums of this fascinating city, including its characteristic wooden architecture featuring intricately carved, lace-like decorations. Also visit the Volkonsky House Museum, dedicated to the memory of the aristocrats who were exiled to this remote outpost after the failed Decembrist uprising of 1825. In the evening, enjoy a champagne reception and private concert. B,L,D

  • day 9

    Friday, July 17 ON BOARD

    Enjoy a day to unwind and reflect on our many experiences so far. Attend lectures by our experts, participate in a Russian language class, and enjoy the ever-changing landscape outside your window. B,L,D

  • day 10

    Saturday, July 18 NOVOSIBIRSK

    A modern “Soviet” city, Novosibirsk holds a rich culture where the arts and sciences predominate. The city is located in the heart of Russia and is situated on both banks of the River Ob. Our visit takes us to Lenin Square, to the imposing Opera House. An architectural marvel, it contains two permanent ballet and opera companies and is one of the largest opera houses in the world. B,L,D

  • day 11

    Sunday, July 19 YEKATERINBURG

    In Yekaterinburg, see where European and Asian civilizations come together at their border in the Ural mountains. Our city tour takes us to the poignant site where Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and his family were executed by the Bolsheviks in 1918. Now a church dedicated to their memory, this site provides us with a powerful insight into the turmoil of the Russian Revolution. We will also drive to the obelisk marking the border to drink a glass of champagne with one foot in Europe and the other in Asia. B,L,D

  • day 12

    Monday, July 20 KAZAN

    Situated on the River Volga, the picturesque and historic city of Kazan is the capital of Tatarstan. One of the highlights of our city tour is our exploration of the Kremlin Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Within the walls of this ancient citadel we discover a stunning mosque and picture-perfect onion-domed cathedral. As Kazan is the birthplace of one of Russia’s most famous opera singers, Feodor Chaliapin, we will honor his memory at a private concert of his music. B,L,D

  • day 13

    Tuesday, July 21 MOSCOW

    Arrive in Moscow and check in at the Four Seasons for a one-night stay. Tour the Kremlin, the spiritual, historical, and political heart of Moscow. Enjoy a private viewing of the treasures of the tsars in the Armory Chamber. Visit Red Square, the iconic symbol of Russia’s former military and political might, to view its eclectic mix of fascinating architecture. Marvel at the ornate onion-domed spires of St. Basil’s Cathedral, as well as at a department store constructed in tsarist times. Lunch is at Café Pushkin, a legendary Moscow restaurant serving traditional Russian cuisine. Tour the opulent and unique stations of the Moscow Metro — showpieces of Socialist art furnished with statues, frescoes, and mosaics. Gather for a farewell dinner tonight. B,L,D

  • day 14

    Wednesday, July 22 MOSCOW / RETURN

    Depart the hotel after breakfast this morning for the flight home. B

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