Waterways of Russia Aboard Volga Dream

Waterways of Russia Aboard Volga Dream



Discover the timeless pageantry and traditional folkways of Russia along the scenic rivers, lakes and canals that link St. Petersburg with Moscow. Cruise for six nights aboard the exclusively chartered, deluxe, 90-passenger Volga Dream during this carefully crafted itinerary. Also, enjoy three nights in a Five‑Star hotel in St. Petersburg, featuring an early entrance guided tour of the State Hermitage Museum, and visits to Catherine Palace in Pushkin and Petrodvorets. Spend one night in the Five‑Star Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel in Moscow. Explore the old-world heartland in 10th‑century Uglich and medieval Yaroslavl, the 14th‑century Kirillo-Belozersky monastery near Goritsy and the open-air museum of Kizhi Island. Experience a traditional Russian tea ceremony in the home of a Svirstroy villager who will share more about the Russian way of life. This unique and popular program appeals to first-time visitors as well as those returning to see the astounding changes that have taken place in Russia’s two most important cities.

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Aug 2, 2019 - Aug 13, 2019
Jul 18, 2020 - Jul 29, 2020


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  • day 1

    Depart the U.S.












  • day 2

    St. Petersburg, Russia

    Arrive in regal St. Petersburg, Peter the Great’s elegant urban achievement and Russia’s cultural capital, and transfer to the centrally located, Five‑Star Belmond Grand Hotel Europe. This evening, attend the Welcome Reception in the hotel. (r)

  • day 3

    St. Petersburg

    This morning, by specially reserved early entrance, visit the UNESCO World Heritage‑designated State Hermitage Museum, the former tsarist palace of Catherine the Great and among the largest and most respected museums in the world. Its prestigious collections are rivaled only by the museum’s lavish interior. Then, tour the new halls of the State Hermitage Museum’s General Staff Building to view priceless 19th‑ and 20th‑century French Impressionist and Post‑Impressionist works, including 74 masterpieces presumed “lost” in a storeroom during World War II. This evening, choose to attend an optional Russian ballet performance (schedule to be determined). (b)

  • day 4

    St. Petersburg

    Explore the city’s UNESCO World Heritage‑designated historic center, where legendary landmarks are scattered across more than 30 islands and linked by 342 bridges. See exquisite examples of Russian Baroque and neoclassical architecture along the main thoroughfare, Nevsky Prospekt; the ornate Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood (Church of the Resurrection of Christ), built on Emperor Alexander II’s assassination site; and the iconic golden spire of the Admiralty. Visit 19th‑century St. Isaac’s Cathedral, whose striking gilded cupola crowns the city’s skyline, to admire its dazzling interior of malachite and lapis lazuli. Tour St. Petersburg’s oldest edifice, the Peter and Paul Fortress, built in 1703 to guard the country’s only outlet to the Baltic Sea. Later, visit the imperial compound of Pushkin and the elaborate Rococo Catherine Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. See the jewel-encrusted Amber Room, laden with six tons of solid amber, deftly carved and framed in gold leaf and said to be the “Eighth Wonder of the World.” Stripped and confiscated by the Nazis in 1941, it was meticulously reconstructed over 25 years to honor St. Petersburg’s 300th anniversary. This evening, you may choose to attend an optional Russian folklore performance in Nicholas Palace (schedule to be determined). (b,l)

  • day 5

    St. Petersburg

    Visit the UNESCO World Heritage‑designated site of Petrodvorets, commissioned by Peter the Great to rival Versailles, and tour the Grand Palace and the elaborately landscaped grounds, encompassing two centuries of imperial style, executed to perfection; enjoy lunch in the Lower Park. Embark the deluxe, small ship Volga Dream this afternoon and attend the Captain’s Welcome Reception. (b,l,r,d)

  • day 6

    Neva River/Lake Ladoga/Svir River/Svirstroy

    Admire the passing wilderness of serene meadows, virgin pine and birch forests lining the banks of the mighty Neva River along the shores of Lake Ladoga, Europe’s largest lake. This afternoon, call at charming
    Svirstroy, a riverside village evoking a pastoral way of life. See the historic Lodeynoe Pole, where Peter the Great established the Olonets Shipyard, birthplace of the Baltic Fleet. Visit the home of a local villager and enjoy tea and Russian pies before continuing along the gleaming Svir River between Lake Ladoga and Lake Onega. (b,l,d)

  • day 7

    Lake Onega/Kizhi Island

    Early this morning, be on deck for the unforgettable approach to Kizhi Island, then tour the UNESCO World Heritage‑designated Kizhi Pogost, a remarkable open‑air museum of 18th‑century Karelian and north Russian wooden architecture. Admire the Church of the Transfiguration, considered the world’s
    tallest entirely wooden building and an architectural masterpiece, featuring 22 cupolas built completely of wood and without a single nail. Cruise scenic Lake Onega, with over 1600 small islands, in view of the beautifully untouched Karelian countryside, home to both Finns and Russians. (b,l,d)

  • day 8

    Lake Beloye/Goritsy/Sheksna River

    Along the shores of Lake Beloye, admire rural communities continuing the long‑standing traditions of Old Russia. From tranquil Goritsy, transfer to the Kirillo‑Belozersky Monastery, founded in 1397, and see
    its collection of paintings, early printed books and pictorial embroidery. It is said that Vasily III prayed here for an heir, and soon after, his wife Elena gave birth to the future Ivan the Terrible, Russia’s first tsar.
    Catch glimpses of a bygone era along the Sheksna River as you pass by rustic family farms and quaint dachas, traditional Russian wooden cottages. This evening, enjoy a dinner of Russian delicacies followed by a specially arranged sampling of Russian vodkas. (b,l,d)

  • day 9

    Lake Rybinskoye/Volga River/Yaroslavl

    Cruise Lake Rybinskoye, surrounded by scenic wilderness. Dock in Yaroslavl, the oldest city on the Volga River and one of the “Golden Ring” of fortified 11th‑ to 15th‑century cities and villages built to encircle Moscow. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is renowned for its 17th‑century stone churches crowned with painted onion domes and soaring turrets. Stroll along the river to the exquisite Church of Elijah the Prophet, an architectural masterpiece in the heart of the Old Town and filled with well‑preserved frescoes. See the elegant Monastery of the Transfiguration, founded in the 12th century. (b,l,d)

  • day 10

    Uglich/Volga River

    Arrive in the “Golden Ring” city of Uglich and walk to the 17th‑century Church of Prince Dimitri‑on‑the‑Blood, built on the site where Ivan the Terrible’s young son met his tragic demise. Admire its cluster of red turrets capped with shimmering blue onion domes and the interior’s elegant frescoes. See the stately five‑domed Cathedral of the Transfiguration, built along the Volga River in 1713. This afternoon, cruise the great Volga River, the main artery of the Russian heartland for over a millennium, and into the Moscow Canal, which provides Moscow access to the White, Baltic, Caspian, Azov and Black Seas. Attend the Captain’s Farewell Reception on board the ship this evening. (b,l,r,d)

  • day 11


    Arrive in Russia’s illustrious capital city, which has embodied the nation’s heart and soul for over 850 years. Disembark the ship for a panoramic tour of Moscow featuring the Cathedral of Christ the Redeemer, the monument of Peter the Great, the renowned Bolshoi Theatre and expansive views of the city from University Square. Explore Moscow’s cultural and historical treasures beginning with a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage-designated Kremlin, the imposing “Citadel of the Tsars.” See magisterial Red Square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where both Romanov tsars and Soviet commissars have flexed their power, and admire the grandeur of 16th‑century St. Basil’s Cathedral, one of the country’s most striking Orthodox monuments. Check into the Five-Star Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel and enjoy dinner in the hotel this evening. (b,l,d)

  • day 12


    Continue on the Iconic Moscow Post‑Program Option, or transfer to the airport for your flight to the U.S. (b)

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