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For nearly 50 years, National Trust Tours has been offering life enriching programs that explore the traditions and cultures of the world, placing a special emphasis on the roles of art and architecture.


Group Travel Tour, International Ocean & Sea Voyages

CROSSROADS OF EUROPE: Exploring Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina & Montenegro

Discover a part of Europe that few travelers have visited as we explore the treasures of Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro. Formerly part of Yugoslavia, these independent countries are a fascinating microcosm of Western and Eastern, European and Ottoman Turkish, Christian and Islamic influences. Their architecture,...

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Individual Travel Tour, International Land & Rail Voyages

Undiscovered France

Celebrate the soul of France in and around the beautiful city of Albi on this seven-night adventure. Revel in the pink-washed city of Toulouse, stroll along romantic riverbanks and savor local delicacies. A myriad of French masterpieces await you in this elegant, easygoing region, including...

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Individual Travel Tour, International Land & Rail Voyages

Journey to Brazil

Beautiful Brazil beckons you on this 11-night, small group adventure! Enjoy a wonderful mix of urban and natural experiences, from vibrant Rio de Janeiro and hillside colonial towns to the Pantanal’s amazing wildlife and Iguassu Falls’ thundering cascades. Go behind-the-scenes at a Carnaval workshop, set...

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