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For nearly 50 years, National Trust Tours has been offering life enriching programs that explore the traditions and cultures of the world, placing a special emphasis on the roles of art and architecture.


Individual Travel Tour, International Land & Rail Voyages

Classic Scotland featuring the Edinburgh Tattoo

Experience the iconic landmarks and historic attractions of the vibrant Scottish cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh and the magnificent castles and palaces which have played a key role in Scotland’s history. For a truly remarkable experience attend the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, with an exclusive...

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Group Travel Tour, International Ocean & Sea Voyages

Footsteps of ST. Paul Along the Turkish Coast

It is sometimes said that if there were no St. Paul there would have been no Christianity. Through his three missionary journeys, from around 44 A.D. to 60 A.D., the Christian message was spread to the gentile world and some of the earliest Christian churches...

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Group Travel Tour, International River Voyages

The Pearls of the Po: From Venice to Parma Aboard La Venezia

The magnificent Po River, which winds 400 miles from its source in the Alps to the Adriatic, has nourished the people of Italy for thousands of years in both body and spirit. The Po Valley has produced some of Italy’s most notable cuisine, as well...

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