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For nearly 50 years, National Trust Tours has been offering life enriching programs that explore the traditions and cultures of the world, placing a special emphasis on the roles of art and architecture.


Dynamic tour leaders, professional staff, small group sizes and unattainable experiences on your own are our hallmarks.  With more than 100 programs from which to choose, there is a National Trust Tour with your name on it!

National Trust Tours is a subsidiary of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.



Scott Gerloff

Scott, Heritage Travel leads the tours program with major responsibilities in growing the business, developing marketing strategies, serving as the major spokesperson, structuring and managing business relations and overseeing the financial aspects of the business. Mr. Gerloff brings over 31 years of travel experience.


Meg Annacone Poretz

Meg has been with National Trust Tours for over 22 years and oversees much of the day-to-day activities of the office. She develops all aspects of marketing pieces, works with tour operators and works closely with the President on setting priorities, product development and strategic direction. She earned a Master of Tourism Administration from The George Washington University’s School of Business.


Lisa Turgeon-Williams

Lisa has been with National Trust Tours for over 17 years. Lisa is responsible for developing the Tours website and marketing images, working with tour operators and Trust offices on operational issues, and plays a major role in customer relations including handling customer calls. Lisa assists in development of major marketing materials and coordinates our Trust tour representatives and Study Leaders.


Steven Oudshoorn

Steven has been with National Trust Tours for over 14 years. Steven handles the vast majority of customer calls and bookings, manages our Viatours data base for multiple purposes, retains the financial tracking on a weekly basis and serves as the office manager with all that entails.


Elihu Rubin

Associate Professor Of Architecture, Urbanism, And American Studies

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Barbara Horlbeck

Adjunct Instructor Of Art History

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Gail Cornell

Architectural Historian

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Grace Gary

Architectural Historian

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Greg Paxton

Preservation Historian

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Tom Moriarity

Preservationist & Development Consultant

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Mary Werner DeNadai

Architect & Trustee Emerita of The National Trust for Historic Preservation

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Patrick Bowe

Landscape Architect

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Richard Wagner

Architect & Research Professor in Historic Preservation

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John Meffert


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Dwight Young

Architectural Historian

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Rolf Achilles

Art Historian

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